Sony BR-BT50 Cordless Headphones Review

If you hear the word 'Bluetooth' and think of those annoying headsets businessmen have strapped to their faces 20 hours a day, you're very, very normal. However, Sony's new DR-BT50s are ultra-stylish headphones aimed, we assume, not at the conversation-heavy white-van man, but at the trendy 20-somethings who want to rock out with their MP3-laden mobile phone.

With a built-in microphone, a set of music-player controls and even folder-navigation buttons mounted into the side, the DR-BT50s have potential.

You're about to clamp something to your head, so comfort's going to be crucial. The first thing we noticed about the DR-BT50s was the luxury padded ear pads and head band. They're an incredibly comfy pair of cans -- the ear cups cradle your ears lovingly, even for long periods. Those of you with larger auditory receptors will feel cared for, as the delicate headphone padding positively caresses your stress-prone cartilage.

Sennheiser RS 130 Cordless Headphones Review

Watching TV without disturbing others is a big problem for me. I like to watch TV in bed and my wife always complains about the noise and we end up having arguments over it. This is why I started looking for some headphones to use while watching TV. I came across these cordless headphones that are very affordable and now I don't watch TV with anything other than a pair of Sennheiser RS 130 Cordless Surround Sound Headphones. If you are somebody who really likes having an amazing acoustic experience while watching TV, then you really need to check out this product.

Finding The Best Cordless Headphones Features

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