Why Should I Go Cordless?

There’s lots of reasons you might want to add a bit of juice to your audio setup when watching TV or movies at home, or even just when you are listening to some tunes. The quality sound experience offered by a good pair of headphones or speakers can make all the difference to your listening pleasure. However, for those with a smaller space at home it can get annoying having to trail cables across the room – and if you are using headphones in particular it can be difficult to lay back and relax without pulling out the headphone cord.

There is a single solution to all these issues – cordless transmission! cordless speakers and headphones alike work by transmitting the signal from your audio output, to a receiver in the speaker or headphone. There are a couple of different technologies in use, with infrared or radio transmission both being decent options. Of the two however radio transmission, which includes technologies like Bluetooth, is the better option as it doesn’t rely on line of sight to work. Radio transmission delivers a clear signal, and although it is not quite as high fidelity as full CD audio, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Although lots of people are aware of the fact that these cordless products are available, less are aware that you can use a cordless kit to convert your existing headphones or speakers to cordless. This might be a great option if you have already sunk a few hundred dollars into a pair of high quality headphones, that just need a little more reach. cordless kits come in two parts – a small transmitter that connects to your TV, and a receiving station with connections to let you plug whichever audio output you are using. An example of this type of system is the Bose SL2 cordless surround link . This device can power speakers up to 200W, using a self contained amplifier in the receiving unit. This kit operates on a much higher frequency than some other cordless solutions, which helps to avoid some of the problems with interference from other household electrics that can plague cheaper speakers.

Whether you spring for a whole new cordless system, or just choose a kit to add a big convenience factor to your existing audio gear, cordless audio transmission will make a huge difference to your life – watching TV in bed takes on a whole new dimension, and you can even make a run to the fridge without missing the action!

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