The Advantages Of Using Cordless Headphones

So you've been thinking about going out and purchasing a new headset; the one you have is several years old and simply is not up-to-par anymore. During the process of searching, you've run across some that are wire-free, but oddly enough, they are significantly cheaper than you remember. Then you take a look at the corded sets nearby and realize they are less expensive than the wire-free sets. Taking a step back to look at the entire selection, you ask yourself "What are the advantages of using a cordless headphone vs. the wired sets?" With no answer in mind, you go home to learn more before spending your money. Smart move! But the smartest move is reading this article, which will give you more insight into the benefits of going wire-free.

At Home

Let's start with you being at home - the place most people are likely to use their headsets. Ironically, this is the place that you get the most advantages of using a cordless headphone. Let's look at a few:

Stereo System - This was the original place that you could use your headset. If you remember in the "old days" around the late 1970's or earlier your Mom or Dad may have owned a huge stereo unit with the turntable on top and speakers on either side. In the front, you could plug in mono or stereo headphones. Things haven't changed much in that you can still plug your stereo headset in to your stereo system (however, the systems look much better and have CD players). However, with the wire-free set, instead of pulling up a chair or sitting on the floor to listen to your music, you simply sync your headset using your cordless transmitter, and walk around the house freely.

Computer - Similar to your stereo system, there are definite advantages of using a cordless headphone, including the ability to listen to your choice audio player, or even listen to a YouTube video, without having to sit within 1 to 2 feet of the computer at all times.

Portable Devices - If you carry around a portable device like the iPod or MP3 player then you already know how advantageous it is to be mobile. But with a wire-free headset you get the added benefit of being able to move away from your device. When would you need to do that, you ask? Say for instance you want to wash dishes and are afraid of getting your device wet. This way you can with no worries.

Television - You probably didn't know this but many of the more modern television sets (created in the last 3-4 years) offer the ability to sync up with wire-free headsets. So if you love watching action movies at a peak volume but no one else does, you can put on your headset, turn the volume up, and even walk away to make a sandwich in the kitchen without missing a beat or disturbing a soul.

Some good headsets to be used in the home include Bose Quiet Comfort 2 & 3, Sennheiser RS-120 and Sony MDR-NC6.

In the Classroom

In seeking new ways to improve their lessons, teachers are finding that there are advantages of using a cordless headphone in their classroom setting. Many instructors use audio of video components to teach studios through songs and games and have to use multiple headsets at a time. Unfortunately, this results in kids getting tangled in wires, which for young children is a safety hazard.

Over the years, however wire-free headsets like Califone 35IR-USB and Hamilton Electrics Multi-Channel have been created just for the classroom and offer the freedom and durability you need to let students follow the lessons without extra complications.

While Exercising

If you love to get out and exercise then there are definite advantages of using a cordless headphone, the biggest being not getting tangled up in wires while using workout equipment in the gym. Also if you use your portable device to jog, using a wire-free headset will eliminate the strain normally placed on the cord if it is yanked while moving. Some great headsets for exercise include RCA Jet Stream and Sennheiser MX W1, both high-quality earbuds that are small, durable, and produce great sound quality.

There are more advantages of using a cordless headphone - this is just a short list. So continue your search for more reasons that a wire-free headset will benefit you. Once you make your decision and go find your own headset, you will soon be telling all of your friends about the advantages of using a cordless headphone

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