Logitech FreePulse Cordless Headphones Review

The Logitech FreePulse Cordless Headphones were first released in 2007 and the current recommended retail is around $110.

I have to say that design of the Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones is still one of the best I’ve come across. As a rule,  behind-the-neck headphones do have a tendency to place an excessive amount of weight on the ears. The FreePulse Cordless Headphones seem to get around this problem with the use of a lightweight, carbon spring-steel wire housed inside a silicone headband.

The FreePulse headphones are secured with the use of adjustable silicon over-ear straps, and as they are quite lightweight you should hardly notice that the straps are indeed on your ears.  The cushions surrounding the speakers are comfortable, and the thickness of the cushioning means that you can comfortably wear these wireless headphones for extended periods of time.

However one drawback of the FreePulse headset that I will mention is that you can’t adjust the length of the headband.

The Bluetooth transmitter for the FreePulse cordless headphones is quite a standard affair. The transmitter measures about an inch and a half across, and about half an inch deep. The power button and connection indicator are located on one end and a stereo minijack is on the other end.

The FreePulse doesn’t use  iPod’s proprietary connector port, which means it can  be used on almost any audio equipment that has a stereo headphone jack, such as laptops and home theater systems.

The features on the FreePulse headset are very simple. Power is indicated by little red buttons on both the headphones and Bluetooth transmitter, and then turn blue once a Bluetooth connection has been established. Volume is controlled by button the right headphone. Behind this is the headphone’s power button, which can also act as a volume mute button.

The Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones are not intended for the high-end of the market, hence the reasonable price tag. They are a good, light-weight solution for use when working out at the gym orwhen chilling out during your lunchbreak. ideal candidate for these headphones is someone looking for lightweight, unobtrusive headphones to use at the gym, or out on a jog–situations where wires are inconvenient and noise-blocking headphones could be hazardous. They provide pretty decent sound quality that should satisfy most for general everyday use.

The Bluetooth range seems to hold out until about 30 or so feet before issues occur, but this is in all likelihood an ample distance for most users. Battey life seems fairly decent too, with about seven hours of use and a very quick recharge time.

All in all, the Logitech FreePulse Cordless Headphones are a good middle-of-the-range portable audio solution from a reputable brand.

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